Who is behind Tinesoft?

Hello folks! My name is Tine KONDO, i’m a junior software developer working and living in Luxembourg.

I’m very passionated in writing desktip, web and mobile applications, in both Java and .NET technologies, including GWT, Android, AppEngine, JPA, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, ASP.NET MVC, WindowForms, Entity Framework… But i am also excited about Qt, the best C++ framework ever,  Design Patterns, and many more.

I’m Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer since June 2013, Score: 91%


I enjoy learning new programming techniques,  contributing in the open source, and keeping myself in touch with the latest news about software development.

In normal life, i adooore cooking (yes way :)). The reason is simple, i also adooore eating ;). For the rest, going out with my friends, making new friends, listening to music ( almost all the time), watching movies ( not that much lately), tennis constitute my favorites hobbies.

What is this website about?

As i mentioned it before, i really love software development. This web site is my way to contribute to the big developers community. By sharing what i have learned so far and what i will continue to learn through my experiences, i hope to help others.

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